beat365官网 (WCS) was created on 1st August 2013 as a result of the merger of Clydebank 大学, Reid Kerr 大学 和 Inverclyde campuses of James Watt 大学. WCS是苏格兰最大的学院,营业额约为6700万英镑,学生人数超过20人,000.  We deliver learning and vocational training to the West Region of Scotland, a catchment area of 1.2 million people, representing 23% of the resident population of Scotland.

beat365官网 procures a wide range of goods, services and works. 的 采购 Team within the 大学 works to ensure all beat365官网 procurements are economically advantageous; robust; transparent and equitable to all suppliers and contractors. Our vision is to be “recognised as a leading public sector procurement body, 齐心协力支持本地经济”.

All requirements over £25,000 (including VAT) are advertised on the national advertising portal, (苏格兰公共合同),我们强烈建议你在这个网站注册,这个网站是免费的,可以让你接触所有公营机构的投标机会. 重要的是,你要尽可能准确地输入信息,这样当适当的投标公布时,你就会得到通知. 例如, 如果您的专业是电气服务,请确保您说明这一点,以便如果您有任何电气相关的需求,您将得到通知. You should also remember to update your contact details, such as email address, if they change. Please ensure you register for the business categories appropriate to your organisations core activity.


A contract is a formal agreement between beat365官网 and any third party supplier of goods, 服务或工作. 的 nature of the contract is dependent on the level of spend 和 duration of the contract i.e. the total estimated spend over the lifetime of the procurement.


All Public Bodies are legally bound to put contracts in place w在这里 appropriate, to secure best value by making sure that not only are the items fit for purpose 和 prices reasonable, but also that suppliers have relevant levels of insurance; financial stability; and Health and Safety policies. This protects the interests of all stakeholders of beat365官网.


Quotes are obtained though the 苏格兰公共合同 Quick Quote facility. Suppliers are selected from those registered under that category; t在这里fore, 你必须在 苏格兰公共合约网站. 请尽可能多地提供贵公司的信息,并确保检查您感兴趣的工作类别.


电子招标是在网上完成招标文件的一种方式,而不是填写Word文件并通过pc发送. 的 大学 is moving towards implementing electronic tendering. Tenders can be accessed via PCS or the separate system PCS-Tender. 这可以访问 电脑软.


It is important to keep abreast of legal and regulatory changes to procurement in Scotland. 苏格兰政府公布了 苏格兰采购政策说明(SPPN) on an ad-hoc basis to provide advice on current policy issues.

WCS Annual 采购 Report and Strategy Update 1st August 2019 until 31st July 2020



a summary of the regulated procurements that have been completed during the year covered by the report,

  • a review of whether those procurements complied with the authority's procurement strategy,
  • 在本报告涵盖的年度内,作为受管制采购的一部分而实施的任何社区福利要求的摘要,
  • 在本报告所涵盖的年度内,为协助受支援企业参与受规管采购而采取的任何步骤摘要
  • a summary of the regulated procurements the authority expects to commence in the next two financial years.

WCS Annual 采购 Report and Strategy Update for 1st August 2019 until 31st July 2020 can be found 在这里:

WCS Annual 采购 Report and Strategy Update for 1st August 2019 until 31st July 2020


根据《beat365官网》(procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014)第15节,所有年度监管采购支出超过或等于500万英镑的订约当局都必须制定并发布一份组织采购战略.

WCS采购策略 has been written based on the legislative requirements of the above act and other relevant legislation. 它与学院的2014/17区域成果协议和企业计划以及苏格兰基金委员会的关键战略成果相一致.

通过与教职员工的合作,以及与更广泛的教育和公共部门的主要合作伙伴的合作, it is expected that the 采购 Strategy will contribute to the future sustainability of the 大学. 我们会将采购活动所节省的开支和效率再投资,以提升学生的学习经验和成果,并达到学院的策略目标/优先次序.


beat365官网按照《beat365官网》维护合同登记册.  注册表可通过以下链接访问:



请注意:我们遵循 国家诈骗计划 的指导方针 防止诈骗,保障公共资金.


的 West 大学 采购 Team is assessed every two years by the Advanced 采购 for Universities and 大学s (APUC) against criteria as set out in the Scottish Governments 采购 Capability Improvement Plan (PCIP) to check that procurement practices across the colleges is conducted in line with the required standards embedded in the PCIP. This allows the 大学 to identify w在这里 best practice exists, w在这里 t在这里 are gaps and w在这里 improvements and efficiencies can be implemented. 我们一直热衷于发展我们的服务,并将鼓励我们的供应商、承包商和利益相关方的反馈,关于我们如何能够持续改善我们的服务交付给我们的客户和利益相关方代表beat365官网.



采购过程受若干因素的影响,例如所采购的商品和估计的总开支 . 采购过程受《beat365官网》管辖, 的 欧盟采购指令.

  1. 的 service department identifies a need and ensures budget is available.
  2. A scoping document and specification is developed and an Invitation to      Quote/Tender is created.
  3. 要求登在 苏格兰公共合约网站 和 欧盟官方公报 if expected spend is in excess of the EU thresholds applicable at the point of procurement. 
  4. 有兴趣的供应商提供了投标书.
  5. Tender responses are evaluated against the stated criteria.
  6. Contract award is made in line with 苏格兰公共合同 using PCS.
  7. Award letters / unsuccessful letters are sent to supplier(s).
  8. 获奖通知刊登在《beat365亚洲官网在线》上. 

A more detailed explanation about the 采购 process called the ‘Supplier Journey’ can be found on the 苏格兰政府网站 along with further information on working with Public Bodies.


All beat365官网 tendering opportunities over £25,000 including VAT are advertised on the 苏格兰公共合同(PCS)网站. 的 website is used by all public bodies in Scotland and is free to use. We strongly recommend you register with PCS to receive notifications when requirements are posted t在这里.

这是非常重要的,你提供准确和详细的信息时,注册和更新你的详细信息,如果他们改变. This ensures you receive notification when a relevant opportunity arises. PCS网站提供 指导文件 在这.



As part of beat365官网’s commitment to GDPR compliance, 学院会确保所有第三方供应商在个人资料的管理和保安方面,以积极和符合《beat365官网》的方式处理个人资料.

的se requirements take the relevant data protection legislation into account, 包括但不限于:

  • 2018年数据保护法案;
  • Regulation 2016/679 General 数据保护 Regulation (GDPR);
  • 隐私 and Electronic Communication (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (SI2003/2426)

W在这里 data is to be processed on behalf of the 大学, GDPR第28条规定,合同或数据共享协议必须到位,以确保适当的技术和安全措施到位. If you require templates for such an agreement, please contact


beat365官网 is committed to carrying out procurement activities in an environmentally, 社会, 在道德上和经济上负责任的态度,并与共享并遵守其愿景的供应商签订协议和合同.

作为学院本地合约投标程序的一部分,以及通过大学及学院高级采购(APUC)实施的框架协议进行采购。, 采购通过签署APUC的供应链行为准则,识别与学院价值观一致的供应商和分包商,有助于实现学院的环境和可持续发展承诺.

可以找到APUC供应链行为准则 在这里